What is Your Goal?

You’ve been learning how important it is to set your goals, and to make a definite commitment to accomplishing them.

Our goal for all of our students is for you to attain mastery of your martial art, and mastery of yourself.

For students who are ready to take the “next step” in their training, and set their goal for Black Belt and beyond, we offer the Leadership Club Program.

You’ll be joining tens of thousands of other students from all over the world on their journey for Black Belt Excellence!

If you’re interested in exploring the Leadership Program for yourself or member of your family, speak to your instructor in class or call us at the school to see how to qualify!

halloween200 Halloween: Who Will You Be

or Who Are You Really?

Batman™, Superman™, Spiderman™ and Iron Man™ are all superheroes that defy the physical and mental limitations of the average human. Everyone has fanaticized about having superhuman traits.  What is it about superheroes that make them so appealing? Is it their alter egos and superhuman strength or being able “to leap tall buildings in a single bound?” The answer: It’s nice to slip into worlds  only limited by our imaginations.

In the real world, we all have unrecognized abilities. We are all slightly superhuman. For some, seeing a martial artist leap through the air and breaking five boards is not normal. Defending oneself against  multiple attackers or even testing for a martial arts belt does not seem within reach for many. As a martial artist, you are unique and have untapped abilities that your instructor can help you find and use  every day. Nothing is truer than the old saying: “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

That saying is telling you: “Trust in your instructors and they will take you to unimaginable heights.” Martial arts may not teach you to fly like Superman, but your instructor can certainly teach you to leap  through the air, break a board, do a dive-roll over an obstacle, or do 100 pushups in two minutes or less.

The power to achieve greatness is within you! Maybe this year you can dress like yourself for Halloween because you are truly a superhero. You are superhuman in many ways. Remember, you are what you believe. Your only limitations are those you impose on yourself.

The next time you are watching Batman, Superman or Spiderman in a movie or on TV, remember that you are as unique as they are, but in a slightly different way. Folklore or science fiction is usually based on imagination, where there are no limitations. You can achieve your goals because, as a martial artist, you are truly superhuman.

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